Project Management

·         Clenergy MENA realizes the need to establish a standardized process for managing projects, including the scope, cost, timeframe, quality and steps to present projects to achieve professional excellence.

·         Clenergy MENA implements PMI’s (Project Management Institute) standards and frameworks for project and programme management.

·         Clenergy MENA board of directors will issue and approve a project charter prior to any project operations, defining the scope and budget, identifying the project steering committee and stating any other significant information.

·         Clenergy MENA will provide clear instructions and adequate training to ensure employees are aware of the latest project management standards and competent to do their work.

·         Clenergy MENA commits to:

   o   Create and regularly maintain risk registers

   o   Create and regularly update project time schedules

   o   Develop KPIs and measurable benefits

   o   Manage documentation

   o   Provide accurate project reporting to the project steering committee

·         Management board project management policy review will be conducted at least once per year.